Experienced Plumbing Technicians Specialists

In the nearly four decades of our operations in and around Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, we have become widely recognised as providers of plumbing services of international standards. We provide turnkey solutions for projects of all sizes and are actively involved in each task in our hands with utmost dedication. The organisational and executive prowess of our team is second to none and we take great pride in our ability to adapt and apply ourselves to any given project.

We have, amongst us, world-class professionals who ensure a very high level of workmanship. The quality of our work speaks for itself in every project, be it commercial, industrial or residential. What also sets us apart from the rest in the field is the extensive documentation of all the work and the administrative process which we carry out. This is not a task that is for any particular client’s requirement, but an integral part of our standard project delivery procedure


Services & Solutions

Design and Construction

At SEIPL, we have the intent and the resources to provide a comprehensive design service for plumbing infrastructure. Our design team and consultants who specialise in plumbing solutions can develop a viable, efficient & timely solution for every project.

Our clients are completely apprised of the whole scope of the work even before actual execution. This enables a smooth workflow of the project once work begins and avoids ambiguity and delays.

Scope and Cost Planning

In an industry as cut-throat as commercial construction and property development, we are acutely aware of the need for a meticulous Scope & Cost Planning when it comes to tendering for work. We are very competitive when it comes to budgetary considerations. Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of reliable suppliers and contractors. Our professional relation and repeated dealings with these vendors results in us having a huge leverage with them in terms of pricing. We pass these benefits on to our clients in the form of the most cost-efficient solution for their project possible.

Maintenance and Inspection

SEIPL can provide inspections, suggestions, solutions and maintenance of plumbing works throughout the project work and after the completion of construction works. We also provide a complete plumbing service to commercial entities, including hospitals, restaurants, schools, sports complexes and offices in general.

When one of our professional plumbing technicians carries out an inspection of your premises, we walk you through your premises and are able to identify potential hazards and areas where maintenance is required, and hence recommend mitigation techniques to maintain your plumbing infrastructure.

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our People, Our Strength

Our human resource is our biggest asset and we ensure all our engineers, technicians, plumbers and even the helpers are at par with their international counterparts in terms of the latest in technology and techniques through regular upgrading training & courses. We are also always upgrading our tools & processes to keep up with the times.

Our workforce is not only imbibed with a strong sense of efficiency & diligence but also informed in best practices and application of the most stringent safety measures.

Our Quality, Our Policy

We are committed to meeting & exceeding customer expectations while maintaining high business ethics and deep respect for the environment. We shall ensure compliance to regulating norms and adhere to the highest standards of on-site safety for the benefit of one and all. We shall always be on the lookout for innovative ways to satisfy customer requirements by upgrading ourselves continually to the latest technological developments in our field of work. We always aim to complete all projects well within the set time lines.

Our Vision, Our Mission

We are an organisation focused & customer-centric in our approach to all aspects of our work and shall ever strive for continuous improvement in our services by providing cutting edge solutions using premium quality products with efficiency and fiscal competency that is at the pinnacle of the plumbing industry.

We recognise our clients as the driving force of our organisation and will always provide them with the best we can.