19 Dec 2019
Sewer Odour

Do you smell something that seems to be sewer gas, and smell like rotten eggs in and around your bathroom area? This could be caused by a problem with your house / building plumbing work.Properly constructed and maintained plumbing will prevent sewer smells from entering into living and habitable environment. The plumbing system inside any […]

30 Sep 2019

On Saturday, 28th September 2019, an event was organized by TATA – VOLTAS supported Pratham Plumbing Training Institute, New Panvel for distribution of Plumber’s Course Completion Certificates, Job Offer Letters and Plumber Tool kit’s for Batch No. 18. This event was graced in the presence of dignities : Chief Guest, Mr. Sourabh A. Sheth (Director, […]

25 Apr 2019

In today’s age, building’s external design is given more significance over its services design.Hence, there is a constant demand for innovative products which can work in complex and stringent architectural designs. There are many such innovative products available in the international markets which helps us in different ways in different challenging situations. In particular, today […]

14 Jul 2018
FLIR Thermal Camera

We at SEIPL, use thermal imaging cameras to assist in the diagnosing and detecting of leaks, and for locating hot water pipework in a non-invasive, fast and efficient manner. Our thermal imaging equipment allows us to measure and detect the changes in surface temperature that is being investigated. These temperature changes are not visible to […]

11 Apr 2018

We would like to introduce ourselves to your esteemed organisation for all your Plumbing & Consulting related work. For your ready reference, Please visit our website: https://seipl.in.net for detailed work experience of SHEETAL ENVIRONS (INDIA) PVT. LTD. (formerly SHEETAL ENTERPRISES). We are sure, our more then 38 years of experience will fulfil all your requirements. Request you to […]